Southern Brunch Theme Weekend: Founding Farmers & Cookology Cooking Class


It was a Southern Brunch theme weekend apparently. It was my boyfriend’s birthday weekend so I made a reservation at Founding Farmers for their Brunch Buffet. Then there was a Cookology: The Best Southern Brunch Y’all cooking class…I have to take it!

I am really addicted to Founding Farmers blueberry buttermilk pancakes with their banana foster sauce and sun tea. Another favorite of mine is their shrimp and grits! It is soooo good. There were so many choices! They have eggs benedict, pot roast, farm breads with all kinds of spreads, beef pastrami hash, picnic fried chicken, key lime pie, croissants, danishes….the list goes on. They even have two types of thick-cut bacon: BBQ and smoked maple…need I say more? If you really want to torture yourself, check out their Yelp photo posts. Warning: it will make you extremely hungry.

Cooking classes are great date night ideas. In this case, it was a double date, brunch cooking class! We got to learn how to make buttermilk biscuits, cheesy grits, with sausage and gravy. For dessert, we learned how to make beignets! Everything was measured and laid out for us.


Afterwards we got to eat our cooking! We took home a lot of leftovers for the next day. The plus side is the no cleanup!

Now, I am really hooked on grits. Must blog a shrimp and grits recipe!



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