Day 2 Boston

Okay, now that I have a breather from work among other things…I can finally continue the Boston blog. Day 2 at Boston! We were not able to get the Saturday tickets to PAX East Gaming Convention so we spend the whole day exploring Boston!


The first thing we did was to go and get some lobster rolls, oysters, and crab claws for lunch. Yes! More lobster rolls! Sniff…sniff.. I miss it. My brother and sister-in-law was raving about Neptune. It’s a small, casual dining place that is nestled in Boston’s North End area. The wait for us was about an hour, but it was so worth it. It seems that they only take reservations in person, so we put our name and number down and went on a stroll. Hint: Arrive early when they open!

While we waited to get a table at Neptune, we got some fresh juice from The Juicery around the corner. They have some mean, heavy duty juicing machines compared to my Omega juicer at home. It was rainy outside so I decided to get the Liquid Sunshine! This thing contains kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, carrot, and ginger. The ginger really added a zing to the drink! Energized and ready to explore… we made our way through the farmer’s market and back to the Quincy Marketplace to look around and do some shopping. I was surprised that they have Uniqlo up in Boston. I love Uniqlo. It’s where I buy all my basics. This was perfect because we did not pack for a cold rainy day. I decided to buy this Uniqlo jacket in black. The jacket is ultra lightweight and it’s perfect for traveling. It folds up into a mesh pouch for easy carrying. I actually put it in my Lo & Son Pearl cross body bag when I’m not wearing it. It’s also contains UV protection, water repellant finish, vents in the back, and a earphone hole in the left pocket! I love this jacket!

We started to head back to Neptune with our new gear to help keep us dry and warm. Once inside, the servers were quick in taking our orders, which was great because we were famished! We ordered some oysters and crab claws to start off. The oysters were so fresh and refreshing. Some of the best oyster I’ve had. The crab claws were meaty and succulent. A great start to a meal. I have to try their Maine Lobster roll. You get the choice to have it hot with butter or cold with mayo. I chose the mayo version. It was served on a toasted, buttery lobster roll. Not only was there a lot of lobster meat, but they are huge chunks of lobster meat. After I finished the lobster roll, I felt like I ate an entire lobster! I was stuffed! I don’t think people usually get stuffed from eating a lobster roll! It was amazing. I substituted the fries with a salad, which was my attempt to eat healthy for the day!


It finally stop raining after we ate and the sun was coming out, which was great for a stroll through the Boston park. It was beautiful!!

We then made our way to Newbury Street for some shopping. This place has everything from Urban Outfitters, Zara, Anthropologie, BCBG, Rag & Bones, G-Star, Alexis Bitter, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel. Go here if you want to drop some serious dough! It is almost like shopping at SOHO in NYC. For more info and to help plan the most out of your shopping trip check out the Newbury Street site.

After our long journey we finally made it back to our hotel with our feet aching for some relief. We had a PAX East Acer Predator Gaming Lounge to go to that night, so we decided to get some fast grub. We ended up at Genki Ya, a Japanese sushi place near Chinatown. It was good sushi and reasonably priced. The waiter was super nice and funny. The restaurant is two stories with nice decor. We had 6 in our party and they were fast to seat us on a convention weekend, which was awesome.

The Acer Predator Gaming Lounge was hosted at The Institute of Contemporary Art and it was right by the harbor. It was gorgeous at night! They served hors d’oeuvres, had an open bar, handed out free t-shirts, had a photo booth, games to try out, cosplay contests, and 1vs2 tournament against Tweeday at Counter -Strike. There were awesome prizes for those who beat Tweeday: Acer Predator laptop, gaming kits, headphones, curved monitor (I want one!! T_T ), etc. It was an awesome time! It was a lot of fun just to hang out with friends and watch the Counter-Strike tournament. I have to say it is not easy playing against 2 players in Counter-Strike and Tweeday was a real champ!




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