Touchdown Tokyo, Japan

Finally going on vacation! I’ve been looking forward to my 2 weeks in Japan. This time we flew from Washington, D.C. area to Toronto, Canada and then to Haneda International airport via Air Canada. It was a beautiful day and I got to sit by the window to Toronto. Look at this view!


Toronto International Airport is huge. I was just there last week for business, but I totally miss this really cool sculpture.


And of course how can I not get a Tim Horton Ice Cap while in Canada!! mmmmm….even my coffee-hating boyfriend loves this stuff.


After about 12 hours on the plane binge-watching all the movies I’ve missed since school started … touchdown Japan!!! I should have slept more on the plane. Arggghh… We arrived in Haneda International Airport which is the closest airport to Japan and the other is Narita International Airport. After we picked up our mobile wifi and exchanged our JR Rail voucher for the actual JR Rail Pass, we headed to the Tokyo Monorail to get to the JR Rail Yamamote subway line to reach Akihabara.  where we are staying for the night before heading to Osaka in the morning. Akihabara is a very lively place full of anime & manga shops, maid cafes, tech stores, toy stores, and arcades. There are also tons of food places! Tonight’s menu is yakiniku on the 8th floor of the Yodabashi building. The term “yakiniku” means grilled meat in Japanese and the culture of grilling the meat on the table is similar to Korean BBQ.


To finish the night off we got some Beard Papa cream puffs. These light airy puffs are filled with a soft, creamy custard. I miss it. Although I have to say they opened a store in Georgetown! Check them out!

The Force was strong in Yodabashi building!!! lol!


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