• Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

    Since my husband is Irish (mostly) and my sister also has an insane love for potatoes, I have a self-inflicted high standard of what I think mashed potato should be. I love garlic! It smells so good with the buttery mashed potatoes. You can also add chopped parsley or rosemary to the mashed potatoes. The…


  • Cheesy Baked Mac and Cheese

    Such a nostalgic dish! So comforting. This is the second most requested side dish at Thanksgiving. To call it a side dish does it injustice. In my family, the main course are the side dishes. A side bonus, once it is cooled you can freeze this and enjoy it later. So make lots of it!…


  • Japanese Potato Salad

    I started making this potato salad after my high school friend introduced it to me. I had to make it and share with my family. My mom and aunt especially loves it with rice! Yep, you heard meā€¦carbs on carbs. It’s different in that it contains apples and thinly sliced cucumbers. It adds so much…


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