Osaka Castle

The first year we visited Osaka we didn’t get the chance to visit Osaka Castle. I remember riding on the subway at night and catching a glimpse of the castle all lit up. It was magnificent! This time I wasn’t going to miss the chance again.

But first, girl gotta eat! The first time we ate at Yayoiken was in Kyoto. We all loved it! We call it the Japanese version of Dennys, but much better. First, we love it because it serves teishoku (Japanese meal sets) and it is inexpensive. Secondly, you order and pay first on a machine in English…so convenient. Third, free refill on rice and green tea. Yes, please. I got the beef sukiyaki set with a salad. Sukiyaki is served in a nabemono (Japanese hot pot) and contains meat and vegetables simmered in a rich soy broth. This dish is best served with rice. A raw egg was provided to mix with the rice. So good!! OMG! My meal set with salad was less than 13 USD!

Beef sukiyaki teishoku with salad
Fried chicken karage teishoku meal set
Ginger pork hot pot teishoku meal set
Menu at Yayoiken
Food display outside Yayoiken
Front entrance of Yayoiken

After we ate our fill, we walked to Osaka Castle which was about 19 minutes walk. Let’s go! Osaka Castle is one of the most famous castles in Japan and plays a major role in its unification. The castle is surrounded by a huge moat. It is also a museum inside. Ticket for the museum is 600 yen; less than 6 USD. Inside, the exhibits tells the history of the castle. The observation level at the top of the castle is a must see.

Moat surrounding Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle from park
To Osaka Castle entrance
Osaka Castle observation level
Samurai figurines at Osaka Castle museum

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